New Ambulance 106

The FCVFD has historically purchased the a new ambulance for the fire station, every few years. This ambulance is typically staffed 24 hours a day by Arlington County Fire Department personnel, and responds with the call sign “Medic 106”.

Thanks to community donations, for the first time since 2003, the FCVFD will be purchasing a brand new ambulance solely for use by our volunteers. This unit will respond with the call sign “Ambulance 106”, and will replace our current 2005 volunteer unit, “Ambulance 102”.

Ambulance 106 will be an amazing addition to our fleet, and provide a wealth of new safety features for our patients and our crews. 

Specifications and photos can be found below, and regular updated pictures of the build can be found on the AES WebsiteFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Ambulance 106

2020 Ford F550 / Road Rescue Ultramedic

4×4 Chassis: better patient access during snow emergencies
Liquid Spring Suspension: fewer bumps for our injured and sick patients
Power Load System: reduced crew injuries with automatic cot loading
4-Point Seatbelts: increased crew safety compared to 3-point traditional seat belts