Birthday Parties – Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the increasing spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we will be suspending all birthday parties and non-essential gatherings at our fire station until further notice. The safety of our responders and the public is our top priority.

For information on how to protect yourself and our community please visit the CDC COVID-19 site

Birthday Party

When can I arrive to set up for my party?

The meeting hall, on the second floor of the fire station, will be open and available 30 minutes before your party starts. Our party staff will handle setup and cleanup.  We use your estimate of the number of children attending when we set up the tables, so please alert if your estimate changes.

Where should we park?

Visitors should park in the visitor lot facing Route 29, named ‘Lee Highway’ in Arlington and ‘N Washington Street’ in Falls Church near the station. The best GPS address to use for our station is ‘555 N Washington Street, Falls Church.’ This address is different than the one stored in many GPS units. The station entrance is to the side of CubeSmart Self Storage.

How many guests can we bring?

We can accommodate up to 25 children. Adults are strongly encouraged to attend with their children.

What is the sequence of events?

We suggest allowing approximately 15 minutes for your guests to arrive. After that we prefer to do our fire safety demonstration, followed by the tour, finally returning to the meeting hall for any snacks/festivities you have planned. While we find this order works best, the sequence of activities is up to you — just let our staff know your preferences when you arrive at the meeting hall.

How long with the tour/demonstration take?

The party includes a station tour and gear demonstration that together should take about 45 minutes. The tour will visit our fire engine if it is available.

What do parents do during the tour?

Parents should accompany children on the tour and supervise their children at all times. The tour is fun and informative for parents and children alike. For safety and security reasons no children are allowed to leave the tour without permission.

What if the staff receives an emergency call?

Our FCVFD party hosts are assigned to your party and will not be answering emergency calls during that time. Our station is an active station, however, so you may see other members responding.

What is provided for the children?

Each child will receive a sticker badge, an activity book, a helium balloon, and a plastic fire helmet.

Should I bring tablecloths? What size are the tables?

Our tables will initially be covered with a white plastic table covering. You’re welcome to personalize this setup with whatever else you’d like to bring. Tables are 8 feet long by 30 inches wide.

How can I lessen my environmental impact?

Did you know that there is a shortage of helium? This combined with the potential for children’s balloons to end up in landfills or to be accidentally released outdoors has prompted the Falls Church Volunteer Fire Department to offer a “Green Option”. Ask for the “Green Option” when you book your party and confirm with our coordinator to lessen the environmental impact by opting out of helium balloons provided by the Falls Church Volunteer Fire Department.

What kind of food or supplies should I bring?

You are welcome to bring food and associated items (like plates, napkins, cups, ice, candles, etc.). A number of local restaurants deliver to the station (we do not endorse restaurants). Please remind the deliverer to park legally in designated spots –emergency vehicles need free access to the street. Note: alcoholic beverages are prohibited on station premises.

Can I bring a piñata?

We prefer that you not bring a piñata (we have limited space and no place to hang one). If you choose to bring a piñata, it must be the type with a pull string rather than one designed to be struck.

This sounds great? How do we reserve?

You can visit our main birthday parties page and click “Reserve a Party”. This will begin the process to select a date and hold your reservation. Your reservation is not confirmed until we receive the $100 deposit. In fairness to others, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation if the deposit is not receives within 10 days.

We already have a date, how do we confirm?

If you have already reserved your date you can submit your deposit here:

How do we pay the balance?

When your party concludes, please pay your balance, which is equal to the number of children multiplied by $25, less your $100 deposit. We only charge for children who show up and are seated at the tables (typically the birthday child and age peers). The minimum fee for a party is $300, even if fewer than 12 children attend. Although we can process credit card payments, we prefer checks made payable to ‘FCVFD’ so we can avoid paying a transaction fee.

My question is not answered here. Who can I contact?

If you have any questions please send them to